Physio Specifix

Physiotherapy, Spinal & Sports Injury

Tel: 07841 661039

41a Higher Market Street, Farnworth
Bolton, BL4 8HQ

Physio Specifix is a private Physiotherapy clinic located in Farnworth, Bolton. We provide a high quality and effective service to all our clientele. Here at Physio Specifix we know that time is valuable, so we pride ourselves on our friendly environment to ensure you have a hassle free experience.

We work together to ensure you get the correct treatment to aid your recovery. We are committed to providing a first-rate treatment to every individual regardless of their background.

We can help!

Physiotherapists are trained to identify and diagnose problems that occur within the body. With a thorough assessment and detailed, specific treatment plan we can relieve pain and help restore you back to full function.

Your Treatment

What it all entails

During your first session (initial assessment) a ‘subjective history’ will be taken. This involves us asking you a few general/specific questions to allow us to build a clear picture of the problematic area/areas. An objective ‘physical’ assessment is then undertaken, this includes an examination and specific tests may be performed. With the two combined your physio can form a diagnosis and correlate the correct treatment plan for you.

What we treat

Treatment techniques

Personal Injuries

External Companies

As a profession we also accept medico-legal, work related and health insurance cases e.g. Bupa. We are able to offer immediate access to assessment and treatment.

With experience, knowledge and skills we are able produce fully comprehensive medical-legal reports. Reports contain the diagnosis, degree of injury and realistic goals with expected rehabilitation potential.

We are keen to establish links and partnerships, with local businesses and other professionals in order to manage cases in a prompt, cost-effective and efficient manner.

Contact Us


All appointments last for approx 30 minutes. If you would like a longer appointment you can discuss this with us.

We have a female physiotherapist on site.

If you would like any information about our services, or to book an appointment please do not hesitate to get in touch via the following methods:

Our number: 07841 661 039
41a Higher Market Street,

Appointments by arrangement and walk-ins also accepted.